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Lee County Substitute Information

Personnel Information

LMS Substitute Teacher Memo

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Training Information

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Substitute Websites of Interest

District Computers

To access the District Learn page – type Sildenafil citrate online australia in the Top URL Search Box on any district computer.


Public Computers

Substitute Teachers Website - Amlodipine 10mg uk

Lee Schools Web Mail http://mail.leeschools.net

People Soft - https://peoplesoft.leeschools.net

Leave Management System (LMS)  - https://lms.lee.k12.fl.us

Lee County Schools - http://www.leeschools.net

Lee County School Listing and locations - http://www.leeschools.net/school

Substitute Teacher Self-Service Center - http://personnel.leeschools.net/subs/subwelcome.htm


Substitute Forms for use

All forms are in PDF format. Please use them as needed. If you need them modified please contact the webmaster for assistance. If you have a form you would like to share with other substitute teachers please email the webmaster.

Substitute Teachers Report Form - General

Substitute Teachers Report Form Block Blank

Substitute Feed Back From

Sub Teacher Daily Report

Sub Teacher Daily Report 2

Elementary School homework/class work slip

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Middle School home work/class work slip

High School homework/class work slip


If you are having  - Log on or password issues call the Lee County School District -

IT Support Contact Information Our offices are located in the Lee County Public Education Building.
2855 Colonial Blvd
Fort Myers, Florida 33966

(239) 337-8221
Fax:  (239) 337-8633

for assistance in resolving this issue.


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