Lee County Association
of Professional Substitute Teachers

Lee County Association
of Professional Substitute Teachers

Lee County Association
of Professional Substitute Teachers

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Is now open for you to complete. You will have 1 week, Log on to your peoplesoft account to at Avodart generic equivalent.

Instructions on how to Complete your Evaluation

You will need to log in to your Lee County School webmail account at http://webmail.leeschools.net
and follow the instructions on how to complete the evaluation.

If you do not have the email follow the instructions below:

You recently attended the training noted above. As a requirement of this course, you must complete the course evaluation to earn inservice credit.

We have transitioned all professional development processes to the Enterprise Learning Management component of the PeopleSoft system. Therefore, to complete the required evaluation, you will need to log into PeopleSoft and follow the directions below.

Log into PeopleSoft.

Click on Enterprise Learning 9.0.

Click theSelf Servicelink.

Click theLearninglink.

Click the All Learning link.

Click the class title for the course. Look for the Launch link to the right of the Post-Course Evaluation; scroll down if necessary. Click Launch.

Click the Search button and a list of evaluations will be displayed.

Locate the appropriate Post-Course Evaluation and click on the link.

Complete the evaluation and click Save and Submit.

NOTE: If you have not taken the ELM100 UPK tutorial, you will find that this has been assigned to you. Completing the topic entitled Required Activity Completion for Receiving Inservice Points will explain the process you need to follow to complete the course evaluation.

You have will have 24 hours to complete the evaluation. Please contact Julie Holcomb if you have questions. Thank you.

Holcomb, JulieCurriculum, Quality and Staff Development Junior Accountant, CSDC Webmaster, Support Training 337-8370

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